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Formed in late 2017, Leyda is an indie rock/pop band based in Buffalo, NY. The band consists of front-woman Saffi (piano/keyboard, vocals, clarinet), Cody Barcroft (bass guitar, vocals), Jose Rojas (violin), Brian Siklinski (guitar), and Joe Vallone (percussion).

Fronted by multi instrumentalist and vocalist Saffi, Leyda is in your face and ethereal at the same time, with vibe heavy rhythms and surging riffs charging over strings and a shimmering clarinet that cuts through the looming darkness, and beautifully wrought lyrics that have levels upon levels, features all in even sharper focus on the assured and brave Hallways.
— Buffablog

Influences/for fans of: the National, Bright Eyes, Regina Spektor, Death Cab for Cutie, Joni Mitchell


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